Emily Bingham

Writer-Instructor-Rope Slut


Hi, I'm Emily Bingham, writer, rope instructor, model, and professional pervert.  I used to be known as the Rope Quean over at www.queanofrope.com but it was difficult to get folks to understand that quean is an old timey word for slut, and I didn't want to be the queen of anything.  So now I'm just keeping it erotic here on my bright shiny new website!

As a writer I strive to weave fantasies that will turn-on my readers.  As a rope instructor I work to bring new skills into the bedroom of my clients so they can make their fantasies come true. It’s all about desire in both of the worlds I inhabit!  Recently I've combined my two greatest passions into one unique and exciting book: Diary of a Rope Slut.

As a kinkster, teacher, model, and writer my love affair with words has been going on since as long as I could hold a book in my hand.  Along the way I realized I could make up my own stories about anything; this eventually turned to writing dirty tales.  It was, and still is, a safe and exciting way to explore desires and sexuality.  I began by sharing these fantasies in written form with friends, and now I share them with the world, on stage, in books and on podcasts. 

Once I saw my name on the printed page in an erotica anthology, I became hooked.  I’ve had my short stories published in anthologies with editors like Rose Caraway and Rachel Kramer Bussel.  I particularly enjoy writing about characters or situations that aren’t often depicted in sexy stories, so that people of all shapes, genders, interests and fetishes are represented.

When I’m not writing, I’m a significant part of the rope community in Portland, Oregon. I’ve taken that same endless passion into learning everything possible about rope bondage.  This urge takes the form of teaching classes and facilitating monthly rope groups.  And sometimes, the professional pervert in me demands crazy adventures for modeling photo shoots.


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