Let's Get Controversial!

Okay I wasn't going to go here, mostly because every time I say the dreaded phrase "50 Shades of Grey" it feels like a year of my sex life shrivels up and dies.  But I'm going to do it because I can't keep the silence anymore.  Here we go...

The real reason everyone should go support my IndieGoGo campaign is because my book is 80 million times sexier and better written than E.L. James' flowery Twilight fan fiction!

There I said it.  You know what else is great about my book?  I'm an experienced kinkster who has been exploring rope for something like 15 years and teaching it to others for 2 years. This means I can write about BDSM intelligently and from personal experience.  I know how it all works!  Another major benefit is the complete lack of words like "my inner goddess," "geez!" and "later babe," because the people in my book are three dimensional humans instead of soulless muppets (sorry muppet fetishists!)  These humans have hot, intense, often complicated relationships and rope scenes full of intimacy, connection, and love.

It's as if I'm writing about real life or something. 

But wait there's more! With this limited time literary offer you can also read a memoir from the point of view of an ethically polyamorous, queer woman speaking honestly about her desires, adventures, dreams, and failures.  So not only is the book hot, it depicts multiple life styles that aren’t often seen in print.  Also, holy shit, I discuss this revolutionary thing called consent!  In case you haven't heard of it before it's fucking hot.

All this stuff really happened to me.  I can't make it up.  It’s not some bodice-ripping fantasy. Don't kinky relationships deserve to be shown delving into consent and connection the way mainstream depictions of SM in books like Fifty Shades of Grey did not?  If you feel as passionately as I do that a book series written by an author that isn’t a part of the lifestyle not continue to be the spokesperson for “kinky” sex, then share the every loving hell out of my fundraiser! 

Act now and I'll throw in, not one but two Snuggies! (Okay the Snuggies are a lie but I do have some pretty awesome perks to offer in addition to the book.)


But don't take it from me, here's what other people have to say about Diary of a Rope Fiend:

It’s an important book. It covers the ups and downs—sex, erotica, assault, consent—of life in the world of BDSM, and does it unflinchingly and with absolute candor. It’s the kind of book we need if we’re going to help move the BDSM community in the direction of ethics and consent...And did I mention it’s sexy?
— Franklin Veaux, author of "More Than Two"
I contributed to [Emily]’s Indiegogo campaign to help her get her book published. For those who are disappointed with 50 shades, this is your chance to get something more real published.
— Peter, friend
Oh my God that’s so brave. I’m sitting there reading the moment you pull up to a hotel…you’re meeting a fellow there. You’re getting ready to be tied. You guys have agreed on this and I’m like, oh my god I would be sweating bullets!
— Rose Caraway, podcaster at "Kiss Me Quick," erotica editor and writer

Or some reviews of my writing in erotica anothologies:

This one tugged at my Classics minor, and I adored that someone decided to make something, well, classic into an erotic tale. “A Perverted Fairy Tale” by Emily Bingham tells the sizzling story of Little Red, who journeys into the woods in order to seduce a Wolf. I’m a sucker for both fairy tales and werewolves, so this was another home run for me.
— Amazon Review of "The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica"
I especially loved. “A Perverted Fairy Tale,” Emily Bingham’s take on Little Red Riding Hood story, was carnivorous and just ambiguous enough to intrigue. I love the dark and edgy, and Ms. Bingham delivered with this one.
— Amazon Review of "The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica"

Or long time followers of my writing in my blog or on Fetlife:

You have written a stunning piece of work. It’s eloquence and beauty of expression has really moved me.
— Fetlife user, M.A.
Reading this…time stopped. Everything but your words fell away and that moment, sitting on my couch reading this, was all that existed. Instead of getting yanked into my past as so often happens when I get triggered, your words kept me grounded even as I felt the familiar storm of emotions rushing me. It was the opposite of paralysis. Your words were my safety net. I could feel everything I was feeling and know that I’m right here. I can feel and process and I can move on with my day because there’s no question about where I am. I thank you for this, and for the reminder that I too am not alone.
— Fetlife user, F.L.
I read this last night just as I tucked myself into bed and was trying to think of something pithy to say, but realized that this would be challenging with my hand down my pants. Incredible, simply incredible! Thank you for sharing.
— Fetlife user, S.L.