Where to Buy Rope

The second most common question I hear is:  "where do I buy rope?"  or "what sort of rope should I buy?"  So I'm going to tackle that quandary today!

If you have a Fetlife account Taijya's list of rope sellers is the best resource imaginable.  She lists suppliers by the rope fiber (hemp, jute, nylon, etc) and staggers them by price, making it super easy to compare prices on whatever sort of rope you desire.

Don't forget to buy a cutting tool as well!  If you're going to tie someone up you need a way to quickly and safely release them if you get into trouble.  Safety shears are cheap and effective.  A seat belt cutter is another good option.


My Personal Favorites:

*rope I tie with


*Twisted Monk - $1.20/ft. Specializes in high quality vibrantly dyed hemp. 

Renaissance Rope - $1.00/ft ($1.23/ft dyed) A Portland local supplier, hand spun and absolutely lovely.  They also have the best electro-conductive rope I've seen, for those into electric play.

*Turkey Foot LLC - $0.18/ft to $0.24/ft The best value for unprocessed hemp rope for when you want to self process or dye your own rope kit.


*M0co Jute - $0.57/ft to $1.22/ft (Prices vary based on treatment) My current favorite rope to tie with. It's delicious!

DreXrope - $110/Kit- natural, $115/kit dyed. Affordable and beautiful jute.

MyNawashi - $0.19/ft ($0.29/ft dyed) The best unprocessed jute I've heard of.

Synthetic Hemp:

*Jade Rope - $0.40/ft Synthetic Hemp Looks and feels like the real thing but it's machine washable and can go in the dyer for sanitizing between partners.  Everyone needs a length of this if they plan on tying crotch ropes.  Also the only weight rated fiber on this list, so it's perfect and very safe to use as uplines.

ESINEM Rope - £0.77/m to £0.90/m Synthetic Hemp  Also easily washable but not at all soft. Great for uplines as it's also weight rated


*Maui Kink - $0.35/ft Coconut If you're looking for something super sadistic, coconut rope is amazing. So scratchy!


Erin Houdini - $0.47/ft to $0.56/ft Hand dyed super soft with a HUGE selection of colors.


Rainbow Ropes - $0.28/ftGreat selection of synthetic ropes in lovely colors.  However the supplier is notorious for taking forever to ship ropes.

But what rope should *I* buy? 

If you're just starting out, your best bet is to go to the hardware store and buy some cheap nylon (get the kind without a hard core) off the roll.  Or clothes line from the dollar store.  Or parachord from the outdoor supply company.  This way you can experiment with figuring out what lengths of rope you need for the sort of bondage that interests you and what diameter of rope you like.

Generally I'd suggest 4 pieces of 30 foot lengths (for body harnesses) and 4 pieces of 15 foot lengths (for limbs.)  And something in the 5mm or 6mm width. 

Once you decide you're ready to invest in a good rope kit, start checking out the sites in the list above to find something you like the looks of that's in your price range.  Or if there's a rope group in your area, check out what other people tie with and ask what they like about the rope they use and if you can handle it to see if it might be something you'll enjoy as well.

Synthetic hemp is very affordable and easy to clean so that's a great place to start.  Hemp is probably the most forgiving of the natural fibers, as it takes very little upkeep and maintenance.  But if you find you enjoy the soft, slipper nylon or MFP, that's okay!  Just because the big fancy rope people you see in photos are trending toward jute and hemp doesn't mean you have to use them too.

And once you have your rope, be sure to check out my list of places to learn how to tie it.  Have fun!