Rope Journaling 4-4: Tying Up The Universe

There was something about the Zentai suit that flipped a switch in me. The second he zipped the hood over his head and became a faceless and nearly blind object I wanted to do very bad things to him. 

Not the object in this story but a fine object nonetheless.

Not the object in this story but a fine object nonetheless.

Usually M and I have the sort of friendship in which we endeavor to confuse and concern the Domly Doms of the universe. We’re both playful switches so our scenes are ridiculous to the point of making everyone around us stop and consider their comfort and/or understanding with regards to what they’re seeing. 

Earlier that day we had rope wrestled in which we each got a single column tie on the other’s body and tried to bamboozle or over power each other in order to take the other person down and finish the tie.  First person to run out of rope and end it with a knot wins!

We were down to our skivvies, sweaty and grunting on a sea of gym mats, trying to keep the other from succeeding while also trying to tie a thing on the other person.  It was exhilarating and exhausting.  We were laughing and full of switchy glee when I noticed the dungeon monitors, a flock of them (do they move in flocks, or schools or warrens perhaps) standing on the ready.  This happens when unusual things are happening, and when there is no readily identifiable Top to a scene the monitors get really antsy. Ask me about any of the times I’ve tried to self suspend in public *insert giant eye roll here*

This didn’t stop us from going a few more rounds. When we were done, both of us having won an equal number of times, we cleaned up and walked a few feet away to get dressed. As soon as we left the mats a sea of dungeon monitors swooped in and put them on a cart and wheeled them away.

“Is this really happening?” I asked, directing M’s attention.

“They’ve been infected with switch cooties, time to burn them!”

This is the sort of incredibly silly interaction M and I have so I was especially taken aback by my sudden lust for sadistic dominance towards him.  It’s not come up before, I’ve watched him get horrible and fascinating things done to him and giggled at the consensual meanness doled out at him by others.  But I’d never felt sure enough of myself to ask for a turn at really Topping him.

If the weekend taught me one thing it’s that I’m not a very talented Top yet.  The skills are there—tying, beating, getting feisty with my hands—I have the knowledge but I don’t have the experience or confidence to create a scene.  This makes me a fabulous service Top or a go to gal if you want to have a silly time but I rarely leave the interaction satisfied because I’ve spent most of it deferring to my bottom—“Is that okay, do you like that, is that what you were looking for”?—when what we both want is for me to shut up, take control, and do the things. 

I’m still at the point that every Top has to work through of worrying about hurting the person I’ve been asked to hurt.  You know, in a bad way or a way they don’t like, I love hurting people in ways they desire.  It’s exacerbated by having had my consent violated and boundaries crossed (once to the point of sexual assault) as a bottom so I’m wary of ever doing that to anyone else.  I became a Top because I rarely trust anyone enough to bottom to them but obviously didn’t want to give up being kinky. So I tiptoe, too stuck in the past and in the do no harm mentality that I forget to go forth and trust my bottom to tell me to stop if I cross a line.

All of this overthinking seemed to disappear when M became an object.  He didn’t have a face, he was just a thing.  I couldn’t hurt or violate a thing, right?  Besides he looooves to be objectified.  So things escalated quickly when the female friends I was standing with knowing his longing for objectification noticed the zipper at his crotch, opened it to release his cock in order to begin fondling him.

“M, your life sucks man, three ladies feeling up your bits and you have no who is who.”

“I know, woe is me.”  His cock was at attention as he stood calming letting all these hands wander over him.

“Who is this?” Paige asked while she fondled him.

“Who is this?” The other girl asked.  He just moaned in response to both of them.

“Who is this?” I asked while giving him a pinch to the thigh. The moan and groan I elicited was much different and made my Toppy blood run hot.  I wanted more of that.

Paige put his cock away.

“You know what this is missing? Rope!”  I called out.

“I agree, if only I could find someone to lead me around.” M said flatly, perhaps not understanding I was offering in a round about way.

“Oh pick me, pick me!  I so want to add some rope to this outfit and drag you around.”


“Okay? Your life really is tough, M.”

“Oh tie me up already!”

So we stood near the entry way of the dungeon while I tied him.  Many people came near to wonder at who was in the suit, the details of what we were up to, or to touch him.  He was more than happy to be rubbed by just about anyone, enjoying them running hands over the slippery fabric of the body hugging suit.

When I had him in a nice harness I took his hands away from him too, tying them at his back and grabbing onto the handle of the harness to drag him away.  He was still laughing and light hearted.

“There’s just something about you wearing this that makes me want to toss you around and be mean.”

“Okay you can…whoa!”

I threw his back into the nearest soft vertical surface and put a knee between his legs to hold him up and began pinching and clawing at him.  His breath went heavy and he wasn’t joking any more.  My lady boner was immense.  This is what control feels like and it was fucking heady and delicious.  I wanted more.

Soon he was squirming so roughly I worried that I wouldn’t be able to hold him up any longer so I dragged him away to take a loop around the giant dungeon. Since he could only see outlines I would try to describe some of the more interesting scenes going on around us.  Occasionally I’d see someone we both knew and I’d drag M over and whisper to our mutual friends, “It’s M, you should touch him.”

This would lead to M making happy noises to have strange hands on him and the other person talking to M in a guessing game, “Do you know who I am? How about now?” 

He wasn’t making an correct guesses so I pulled him away for another walk through the dungeon, this time when I found a padded leather bench I bent him over it.  I held the rope harness in one hand and alternately spanked and stroked his ass with the other. He was wiggling back against me which only fueled my Toppy streak, soon I was humping into him.

“I kinda wish my strap on wasn’t back in my hotel.”

“Mmmm.”  I heard from inside his mask. So I kept humping him and playing pretend.

When the spanking/caressing loop grew tedious I traced my hand to the front of him, remembering our friends touching his cock earlier.  I don’t usually combine sex and kink, because…well-founded trust issues.  But M isn’t me, M likes sexy times plus kink so I went for it and grabbed his cock through the spandex suit.  He was hard which only made me want to hurt him more and hump him more with my completely hypothetical cock.

He was into it, I was into it, I didn’t ask any questions I just went with it until my hips were tired and he was wiggling his hands in a way that usually means “please untie these soon.”  So I untangled his hands while leaning against him to hold his cock in my other hand while I untied.

Once he was untied and unhooded we looked at each other and smiled in the way two people who have done something extremely naughty and/or ridiculous can. “Well, that was unexpectedly exhilarating.  I don’t know where that came from but it felt like I had the universe by the balls for a second there.”

He looked down at his space printed suit and rolled his eyes at my pun.  “And also fuck you for those tiny pinches.”

“You're welcome.”  As I went to caress him, he pulled away, scared of me pinching him again. My work was done here.  And our work was done because no one watching seemed to know what had just happened.  Score another one for switches!

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