Quite the Predicament: Rope Journaling 6-29

All day long I’d taken one for the team and made all the decisions. Because as the meme goes “Relationships are just two people constantly asking each other what they want to eat, until one of them dies. “  It had been that kind of day so once we were in bed I was tapped out.  Half out of decision-making exhaustion and half out of dirty talk practice with my shy lover, I looked over at him lying naked and flushed to ask, “What do you want me to do to you right this moment?”

Grinning as I anticipated learning something new about his desires, I waited for a response while occasionally kissing his neck as incentive.  Finally when he spoke it was to say, “I want you to blindfold me and do whatever you want.”  Which I supposed indeed tells me everything about his desires.

“That’s cheating and not a real answer.”  I sighed and poked a bruise I’d created earlier.  “Nothing you want to ask for?”  He brattily smiled and shook his head no.  “You sure?”  I asked one last time, hoping he’d give me some crumb of inspiration.  I stroked his cock a few times to tease and encourage him.  Again that headshake but with a slight moan. I dropped him from my hand and crawled out of bed.

“Okay fine!”  I was a little annoyed, most bottoms don’t seem to understand how much effort goes into being a Top (I know I didn’t until I started switching).  When bottoms have no ideas or desires to guide a scene and just want to lay back to be treated to experiences, things get old fast.  I’m creative but I only have so many ideas.  So I wasn’t gentle tying on the blindfold and looping his wrists together into a cuff and tying that tightly to the headboard over his head.


His body language changed from sassy to anticipating, on alert for every sound as a hint to his fate.  So you better bet I toyed with that. First I opened the toy drawer and dithered around, whispering under my breath things like, “where did I put that…?” or “but would that fit…?”

When that got his attention I knelt next to the bed and noisily began putting away the bamboo and rope I’d used earlier, making it sound like I was looking for something when in reality I was cleaning my room. All the while he’s a mess of anticipation while wondering and waiting.  This was lazy topping at its finest.

Once everything was put away I opened up the drawer of things he’s never seen before and took out my favorite vibrator.  He knows the sound, I’ve once used it to tease him with the vibrations through the ropes binding his cock.  When I turn it up to my preferred speed and stand across the room from him, his entire body seems very interested in what happens next.

I bury the vibrator in my cunt before kneeling on the bed, straddling his legs.  As he bucks into me I move myself further up his body until my crotch is dangerously close to his, only to sit on his belly, teasing him with my nearness, the vibration of my body that he can’t touch.  Occasionally I reach back to stroke him but this is mostly about me, I thrust against him, pushing the vibrator in further, riding it and passively riding him.  All the while I sigh and moan, putting on a show for him to hear.

Before I go too far, I travel back down his body to kneel between his legs now thrusting the vibrator in an out, wetly. He groans in that way he has when he wants something but won’t ask for it.  “Feeling vulnerable and frustrated?”  I ask.  He groans again, this time with more of a tint of a whine.

“Poor thing.”  I joke as I wrap small diameter rope around his cock into a makeshift cock ring, tight but not too tight, testing the durability of my knot by tugging him around, enjoying this intimate leash I have on him.  He whimpers.

“Aw life is hard for you, isn’t it?”  While I playfully mock him, I take the vibrator out and tie the other end of this rope binding his cock to the vibrator.  This sends the vibration through the rope around his cock and has him wiggling around, until I penetrate myself with the vibrator again. I get the impression that this changes the sensation for him. Now when I thrust the toy in and out of me, it tugs his cock in time to my movements. I have his full attention.

Now I’m not thinking about putting on a show as I fuck myself, straddling his leg and occasionally falling against his body with pleasure.  I’m so close to coming but I’m enjoying teasing him too much that I want to draw out this moment.  But leaning closer to him, hoping to take him in my mouth I realize that the rope connecting his cock to my vibrator means I can’t reach him with my mouth and fuck myself at the same time.

This is the quite the conundrum for the switch that hasn’t been topped in seemingly forever so I proceed to top us both by alternating his pleasure for my own and keeping us both dangerously on edge.  If I want to suck his cock I have to pull the vibrator out so that it only barely touches my clit.  I’ll franticly lick and bob on him until I can’t take it for another moment and pull away to move my cunt closer to him and penetrate myself with the vibrator, fucking myself hard.  I’m so wet he can hear every movement as I hump his thigh, occasionally reaching out to stroke his cock in time to the way I’m fucking myself.

When I can’t wait any longer, I lean in as close as I can to fuck myself to orgasm while tentatively licking at the head of him and breathing heavily on his cock.  He behaves himself barely moving, seeming to be paralyzed with wanting to hear and feel everything he can as I come.  Eventually I reward him by untying myself from him so I can continue fucking myself while I lean in to suck him off while coming again, moaning to swallow him.

Once both of us are pleasantly exhausted I untie him with shaky arms, finally removing the blindfold to see his self satisfied expression. “You’re trouble.”  I tell him.  We giggle and fall into a delighted bout of spooning.

I don’t think I’ve motivated him to tell me what he wants in the future but I did learn how much fun it is to tease myself and him at the same time.  I’d say that’s inventive switching at its most creative when I manage to Top myself in an impromptu predicament bondage scene.  So if he won’t give me ideas, I’ll gladly take what I want from his willing body again and again.