Unexplored Territory

You’ll likely never tie me up or beat me, call me dirty names in the throws of passion or dominate me.  And sometimes my switchy heart, that half of me that longs to no longer be in control, mourns a little bit. Because though I’ve identified as non-monogamous my entire life, there is a moony part of me that wonders what it would be like to have one someone to explore all my sexy needs with. I've done a lot of crazy things in bed but I've never had that. 

But there’s a look you get in your eyes when we’re about to fuck that makes up for your lack of sadism.  The moment you throw my legs on either side of your body and so easily fall into me, you change.  I don’t know if it's a conscious decision but when you’re inside of me you feel very much in control.  And it melts me.  In those moments I’m able to let go. To lose myself to the pleasure of being pressed under the weight and heat of your body, only able to breathe when its vital.  You dole out such endless and selfless pleasure that I can’t walk or think afterwards. 

And since I trust you no part of me has to be on alert.  No part of me is concerned you’ll cross a boundary. Sex with you is one of the few times in life when I don’t have to worry because you’re a genuinely good man. Finally, a relationship that’s just easy and fun. Uncomplicated and unpainful. My heart and body are safe.  Who knows how long we’ll entangle our lives, but while it works I’m going to enjoy the hell out of you.

There’s so much to enjoy. Your eyes when they meet mine, face to face when you’re inside me.  Though sometimes we’re awkward or timid with one another, it isn’t so in the heat of the moment.  Then everything seems to just click. And I feel pinned to the spot by the intensity of your gaze. More so when you take my hands in yours and literally pin me the bed while fucking me into a crazed, mindless, moaning version of myself gone wild with bliss.  Or when you pull my hair, bending my head back so vulnerably as you dive into me again and again. Even when you take my face in your hand to guide me in for a kiss, something so tender, it shoots right through me electric.

I appreciate you especially then because I understand being in control doesn’t come naturally for you but you’re able to dabble.  It fills me with joy that we can be that free and at ease, able to experiment and let go. The trust and communication runs deep in your bed; I would do nearly anything with, to, or for you there. So I look forward to all the trouble and play yet to come, the debauchery asked for openly and doled out giggling all the way. 

Long story short: you’re an absolute delight. Just thought you should know.