Look What I Learned!


Also known as these last couple of weeks have been absolutely bonkers but I wanted to update the blog.  So have some photos of the new Hojo Hishi TK I learned last weekend at the FredRX intensive. Three days of non stop rope learning! It was so awesomely exhausting that even though I was topping, by the end of the weekend my entire body was sore. Turns out tying your favorite giggly bottom in painful ties and suspending them from bamboo is hard work! The bottom in question was jazzed to be sore and catch up on rope times. So all in all it was a win win.


FredRX ties in a very particular style that I probably won't use much of in my day to day rope practice. However I learned a lot about how and why knots work which has made the simplest parts of ties so much more secure. It has also made my shoe tying indestructible. So if you need an update on tying your shoes let me know because, hint, you're doing it all wrong. Turns out our kindergarten teachers were shitty rope instructors.


My fella also hasn't seemed to mind my new rope skills as I insist on practicing what I learned on him. Yay more diamond patterns! Especially a harness that looks nice on male and larger bodies. 


And next weekend is the big kinky conference, Kinkfest, here in Portland. Days of non stop classes and dungeon parties. So I'm getting back in the swing of doing sexy things finally. Be in the look out of tales of my naughty adventures dry soon!

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