I'm Baaaack!

Hey you fabulous ropey and or writey folks!  I just wanted to say a brief hello to your hypothetical face holes to let you know I'm still out here kicking around and making trouble.  Recently I've even felt up to being a human that interacts with other humans.  And to celebrate I'm going to start teaching rope classes again.


My first class will be Rope 101 for Sex.  I'll teach the handful of basic ties you'll need as a beginner (or someone in need of a refresher) and along the way I will show you how to use those ties in fun and sexy ways in the bedroom. If you can tie your shoes I promise that in two hours I can teach you enough rope to get you in trouble int he bedroom.  So buy your tickets and come join me to learn my favorite ropey topic.

Hopefully I'll even be back to blogging and throwing writing events again soon.  Until then this is me letting you know I'm still out here!

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