Basics of Rope for Sex Class Notes

Thank you all for coming to my Rope for Sex class at SubRosa on April 3rd. You were such a fun and passionate class, and caught on really quick. Keep practicing!

Since we didn’t have as much time for tying as I had planned for (yay curiosity and questions!) I wanted to give you all some video resources to watch as you go over these ties. Or feel free to email me (queanofrope @ gmail .com) with questions.

And I hope to see you at a future class or tying at one of Portland’s many rope events!

Single Column: 

  • use on any single sturdy body part

  • wrist, ankle, waist, chest, thigh

  • tie off to bed or other hard point

Double column:

  • use to bind any two limbs together

  • wrist/wrist, ankle/ankle, wrist/ankle, wrist/thigh

Quick chest harness:

  • use to add a handle on a partner already laying down

  • tie limbs to this harness if you don’t have a headboard

Traditional chest harness:

  • additional chest tie we didn’t have time to go over

  • most useful for being pretty and accentuating breast tissue (tends to fall off folks without large chests)

Hitachi tie:

  • self explanatory ;)

  • slightly more complicated but sturdy version than I taught

And if you still have questions about where to buy rope or what rope to get, the list of vendors lives here. Happy rope shopping!

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