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Diary of a Rope Fiend Cover Revealed!
Cover design by HardestWalk. Cover photo by JFoto.

Cover design by HardestWalk. Cover photo by JFoto.

It suddenly feels very official; there's a fabulous cover and the Amazon pre-order listing is up.  After 5 years of toiling over these stories, I have a book!  This is really happening.

To make things even more exciting the powers that be over at the great and mighty kingdom of Amazon have decided that the word "slut" would be okay after all.  We submitted the title and cover, both of which were approved without any trouble. So I get to have the original title!  But don't worry IndieGoGo supporters, you'll still get an extra special even sexier cover that will be revealed only to you, so you can still look forward to that. 

Speaking of IndieGoGo, the folks behind Thorntree Press were in my living room last week to package up all the perks from my campaign and those from a few other authors in their catalog.  It was exciting to see all those prizes and books piling up in pretty packages. So keep an eye out in your mail box for those treats if you donated to my crowdfunding.

In other exciting news take a look at the interview I did with Rachel Kramer Bussel in her column for the Philadelphia CityPaper.  We talked in depth about rope and my journey into kink.  She's published a number of my stories over the years and I finally got a chance to meet her at a book reading last summer when she was in town for a book tour. She's an amazing writer and highly motivated editor.  I always enjoy chatting with her so it was a fun interview.