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Cheesy Update About Exciting Things

I'm getting ready to go on my first vacation from adulting and my day job in a very long time!

Before I head off to the wilds of Wisconsin to visit my parents (follow me on Instagram to be sure not to miss any of the million photos of cheese and dogs I'll be taking while there) I wanted to do an update on what's been going on in my writing world.  This way my loyal blog readers (all 7 of you) won't be left high and dry with no smut to lay eyes on while I'm away.

Exciting thing #1:  The story I tell in this video now has an opportunity to become a comic book!  And this is what I might look like as a rope obsessed comic book character.

I've been a bit of a comic geek for as long as I can remember.  Some of the first times I asked to be tied up were on the childhood play ground acting out story lines from the X-Men or Batman books where I always insisted on being the villain because bad guys got tied up and put in jail.  So it's especially exciting to have an opportunity to have local Portland comic artists and writers turn one of my silly dirty stories into pictures and word bubbles.

Please help support the comic becoming a reality by checking out the Mystery Box Show's Kickstarter page.

Exciting thing #2:  An anthology I contributed to, The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica edited by Rose Caraway,  has been issued the IndieFab Gold Award for Best Romance!  This is a competition meant to "help connect the best indie books to readers eager to discover new stories written by previously unknown authors."  So allow me to introduce you to my favorite book of erotica to contain a story of mine.

 I knew this was an exciting group of writers to share pages with but this somehow makes it all official!  Working with Rose has been fabulous, especially since she was thrilled to publish the weirdest bit of smut I've ever written, a dirty re-telling of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale.

Exciting thing #3: the latest anthology I've contributed to hit the shelves just recently. Bondage Bites: 69 Super-Short Stories of Love, Lust and BDSM edited by Alison Tyler contains two of my super short kinky stories.  Order a copy today but lets not talk about that horrendous rope harness on the cover.

But while we're at it, If you want to learn how to tie a harness two million times better that that one, be sure to sign up for my news letter. This will assure that you you hear about my newest classes, readings and other various shenanigans.

I'll be sending out a sexy letter to subscribers with a discount code to the handful (handful! I'm going to be so busy) of classes I'll be teaching in September.  So don't miss that.

Portland, I'll miss you while I'm gone but I'll be back before you know it. Madison and Milwaukee: look out, I'll be the wild red head putting postcards in all your indie book stores and sex toy shops!