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Class Notes from Basics of Rope for Sex

A big thanks to the intrepid folks that came out today to learn about some sexy ways to bring rope bondage into the bedroom!  Or maybe you just stumbled in this direction after hearing about the that case, hello and I hope you can join us in the dungeon to learn in person next time.

As promised here are a couple videos to build on some of the techniques I showed today.  They'll be a good refresher as you practice the ties we learned and point you towards some youtube channels I really like.


First, the sex sling:

The super easy chest harness because because people need more handles...

And a more in depth version of the Hitachi harness...

I promised no knots in the class itself but if you're feeling adventurous I suggest learning the Taut Line Hitch here.  This is the best way to tie a limb to a bed post, it will allow you to change the length and tension of the rope without untying it every time.  It really comes in handy for bedroom bondage!