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Ending the IndieGoGo Campaign with a Bang!

I'm going to be doing a couple crazy and exciting things to celebrate the final days of my IndieGoGo campaign and you're all invited to both of the parties.

First, on Monday, June 29th at 2 PST I be doing a Reddit AMA about writing, rope, and my frequent public nudity for art in the /r/IAmA/ group.  This would be a great time to ask all those pressing questions you have under the guise of relative anonymity.  I'll post that link the Monday afternoon, so keep an eye out!

Tuesday June 30th is the last day of the fundraiser so I'll be adding some extra incentive to donate. All the regular perks will apply when visiting the IndieGoGo page, of course, but there will be extra crazy fun in the final 24 hours! Any contribution made between between 5AM and 5PM on June 30 will be celebrated by me and various rope friends tying one another to Portland landmarks and taking one picture per donation to be posted on social media. So follow me on Twitter or Instagram.

Donations made from 5PM to 10PM PST will be celebrated on stage at Crush Bar either with a rope performance or erotic reading. I'll be reading previews from the book and my sexy writer friends will be showing off their talents. And for those not in Portland, this whole festival of weirdness will stream live on a Google Hang Outs! (Learn how to log on here.) I'll post the the link that evening.

So tell your friends and be sure not to miss out on donating in those final hours. Who knows what crazy stunt I'll perform at Midnight if/when the campaign makes goal!

If you're in the Portland area, come join me for the readings and ropey portion of the evening at Crush Bar for a sexy evening (or watch the live stream from home!) and please keep sharing the link to my IndieGoGo as widely as possible!