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I went on a little podcast tour during the first week of my IndieGoGo campaign to visit my two favorite sexy, sassy, and smart podcasters!

First I chatted with Rose Caraway over at the Sexy Librarian Erotica Blog-Cast.  She is always a delight, with her sultry voice and ability to make me giggle like no one else.  I always have fun talking to her about rope, smut, and all the other silly things going on.



Next I visited my long time friend from my days in the MidWest and character in one of the chapters of the book, Graydancer over on his podcast The RopeCast.  We had a blast talking about the good ole days as well as discussing some of the issues surrounding consent that have popped up in the rope scene over the last handful of years.  It was great catching up with him.


I also made a brief appearance over at Alison Tyler's Tuesday in the Dungeon, where you can read an excerpt of a very sexy story by Graydancer.  Alison is editing an anthology of flash-fiction erotica that I can't wait to read.  And not just because I have a few dirty stories within it's pages.