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Adventures in Housesitting: Part 1--Rope Journaling 9-27

Scene: Bed in an unfamiliar house I’m watching for a couple weeks.

This photo has nothing to do with the story at hand.  I just also wanted to mention Mr Right is also the sort of ridiculous creature who bought rainbow rope and isn't it fucking glorious?

This photo has nothing to do with the story at hand.  I just also wanted to mention Mr Right is also the sort of ridiculous creature who bought rainbow rope and isn't it fucking glorious?

Mr Right has just finished tying me spread eagle to the bed using a brand new knot I taught him.  Annoyingly he learned on the first try with no effort. (I suspect after a couple more lessons he'll be better at rope than me. This is irritating and erotic all at once) This knot tying and perfecting has taken around 20 minutes. He grins as he moves to begin the rest of his plan.

Me feels particularly vulnerable spread out across the bed. Legs wide and waiting. Feeling like prey as Mr Right looks on.

A very loud ringing fills the house. It’s the doorbell chiming.  At least I think it's the doorbell. Mr Right and I look at each other startled, hearts racing.

Me: “Should you untie me?”

Mr Right looking like a dear deer in the headlights: “I don't know.”

Me: “Who would it possibly be? I bet it's just a solicitor and they'll go away when we don't answer.”

Mr Right looking around: “I'm looking for a blunt object.”

Me: “What?!”

Mr Right: “For bludgeoning. Though I suppose a shady character wouldn’t ring first.”

Me:  “That’s where your head goes first? Bludgeoning?”

The doorbell rings out loudly again making us both jump.  Mr Right and I look at each other wide eyed. He stands at attention at bedroom door.  I am still very much and very securely tied to the bed and starting to feel vulnerable in a not fun way.

Me: “Well fuck. Maybe you should go answer it. If it's homeowner’s friend tell them I'm in the shower.”

Mr Right leaves room and comes back instantly: “Here, I'll loosen you a bit first.”

He unties one of my wrists and heads for the door. I frantically finish untying my other limbs and try to find clothes as I hear the front door open.  Mr Right steps outside.

Disembodied voice I only catch in bits and pieces: “Are you S? ...when will they be back? ...joke about female homeowner and stalking her on her bike so he can pass something off to her...40 people…”

I stand on the stairway unsettled as Mr Right closes the door and brandishes a quart of apparently handmade cider. We both look equally confused.

Mr Right: “Want some cider that may or may not be poisoned and/or laced with LSD?”

Me: “What?”

Mr Right: “Apparently their neighbor had a cider making party and needed to hand deliver this tonight. He was not taking the hint.”

Mr Right is flushed, hair disheveled, pants pretty obviously just barely put on. Most people would understand this as a coitus interruptus situation.  The neighbor was not that observant.

Me: “Obviously not what with the ringing the doorbell twice at 8:30 on a Sunday when any reasonable person is having sex.”

We kiss, trying to regain the moment.

Mr Right: “Well that was a mood killer. Glad you didn't see him, you may have never wanted to have sex ever again.”

Me:”Thanks for taking one for the team while I was a little tied up.” I grab Mr Right and drag him towards the bedroom again. I won't allow some weirdo with questionable apple juice ruin our fun. “This is just an excuse for you to grab more rope and practice your single column ties.”

Mr Right grimaces but gamely follows me into bed. We go back to what we had started. Mr right ties me, more secure than before. I look at him impressed and a little intimidated because this time he has a blindfold which he puts on me.

Me: “Yeap I definitely feel even more vulnerable what with the blindfold and knowing that the shady doorbell can ring at any time.”

Mr Right: “Oh good, that’s the plan.”

He goes for something on the bedside table. Clothes pins, wartenburg wheel, vibrator. I don't remember what came first just that the interruption was only further fuel for the erotic energy we'd started yesterday but were unable to finish. We were highly pent up by this point.

Dear reader, Mr Right teased and tormented me with surprising intensity. Then he fucked me silly with an unexpected vigor. Then we fucked me silIyer with vibrators until I came, until I thought I couldn't anymore. Then I sat up to kiss him. He pulled my hair to pull me in closer and thus caused a new cascade of orgasms start.

Me just barely able to speak while looking him in the eyes: “No fair making me start coming again.”

Mr Right: “Oh darn it's almost as if I've figured out what you like.”

When I finally wrestle my vagina away from his sneaky fingers and have a chance to relax long enough to make my legs work again it's his turn. I tie his arms to the bed. No doorbells ring. I tease and please him to a delicious fruition. We canoodle in a sweaty happy pile.

Mr Right: “Take that cider guy!”

Me: “I'd say.”

Mr Right: “If only he had any idea what he interrupted.”

We look around at the rope and sex toys and clothes everywhere and giggle.

The Secret Sadist: Rope Journaling 9-21

When we first met he would just laugh when I half joking half serious would accuse him, “you're secretly a sadist you just don't know it yet.”


I've dated enough men residing on all shades of the vanilla/kinky top/bottom spectrum to see the potential in him.  The narrowed eye at a bratty comment. The playful spanks to test the waters, getting more intense with each positive reaction. The wrestling for control as foreplay.


I suspected if I was patient and rewarded his playful attempts at practicing confidence and control he would come around. It wasn't a requirement but it would be nice to not always be in charge. Besides the sassy grin on his face to hear me moan each time he pulled my hair or bit me spoke to him enjoying being mean quite a bit.


Still I'm momentarily taken aback one evening when I'm messing around with workshopping a tie on him and stop to say, “ I could try it again or….I could teach you a thing if you like.”


“Teach me.” He says grabbing a hank of rope.


And I do harkening back to the first time we were in the same room. Here we are again. Him the student, me the teacher. But this time I'm not teaching him sexy rope to use on someone else. I'm specifically teaching him what I like in the hopes he'll tie it on me. Maybe even soon.


He's a quick study. It helps that our brains work similarly so we breeze through the basics until he's got my wrists bound behind my head and incorporated into a chest harness. He smiles slyly at his work, takes a picture to record the moment and unties me. Lather, rinse, repeat until he's confident the steps are saved in his brain. We move on with our evening and I'm perfectly happy with this new step in his bondage knowledge but don't think too much of it while kissing and congratulating him as we cook dinner.


So the next afternoon when I'm least thinking of rope let alone imagining myself tied up, he surprises me by pushing me onto his couch to “practice” a wrist cuff. Before I know it he has me tangled up in all the lengths of rope we'd lazily left uncoiled on his living room floor, too eager to move onto dinner and the bedroom, we left a mess of jute.


He uses this to his advantage as he improvises. The wrist cuff gets bound to my thigh and I smile to watch his brain work, considering how to use up the rest of the rope in an artistic manner. He loops the remaining rope in spirals down my leg and grabs for the next piece of floor rope which he loops over my chest in a way that captures my nipples in a manner that's half painful and half delightful.  This is a tie I've tormented him with many times in the past. Clever boy, he'd been paying attention.  The next rope he uses to put a cuff on my free ankle and frog that leg up on itself and then trap my free hand to my body.


I'm tied up in an odd and beautiful ball. All asymmetry and borderline sadism. “Is this what you meant when you said you like awkward rope?”


“Exactly, thank you, meanie.”


“What? You don't like the asymmetrical handles I added to you?”


I just furrow my eyebrows at him and playfully pout as he tugged at the various handholds of rope covering my body. Each time he yanks me around it shifts the rope across my limbs, pinching or tugging in unexpected places. Just as I'm enjoying this playfulness he lets go of the rope, dropping me to the couch with a thump and instead begins reaching for ticklish places. Areas of my body left exposed for him to manipulate.


Soon I'm squirming all over the couch and his lap, giggling, squealing, and making all manner of ridiculous noises as he tickles me mercilessly. He smiles and laughs the entire time. This is the perfect form of sadism for him in this moment, it's silly and yet I'm breathless and occasionally cursing him.


When I've struggled enough that the rope is tightening in weird places that could eventually become dangerous, he unties me. Pausing occasionally to lean in for a kiss which I return deeply, grinning at him as he untangles me.  Our eye contact is all silly satisfied sweetness that makes me feel gooey inside.


“I told you there might be a little sadist in there somewhere.”


“Me? Nope. Never.” He tries to look at me all sweet and innocent but his smug is showing so I don't believe his aw shucks for a fraction of a second.


He knows exactly what he's started and I look forward to seeing what else we can get into while trading places and desires and giggles in rope. Afterall he's been all too willing to allow me to experiment on him as I regain my confidence and passion for rope. I'm all too happy to return the favor for him especially if it means I'll get to be tied up occasionally.  Yeah, life is good.