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Custom Erotica from the "Diary of a Rope Fiend" Campaign Revealed!

Recently, one of the backers over at my IndieGoGo Campaign selected the custom erotica perk, which means I got an excuse to write a short piece of smut just for them!  It was a lot of fun blending their fetishes and interests together in a very dirty story I knew they would love.  

And I was right!  Last night I read the story to the lucky person in question and they were delighted. "That was hot!  And you know way too much about me." Was their review while a naughty grin spread across their face.  We both had a good chuckle when I finished reading.  Something tells me they were satisfied with their perk.

Because I'm a tease but a kind tease, here's a little snippet from the story. Now don't you want a custom story all your own?


“What are we high on?” I ask

“Love, baby, pure unadulterated love.”

I roll toward her.  “This isn’t even possible.”

“It shouldn’t be and yet here we are.” 

She spreads her arms to draw my attention to the room.  A new wave of shock passes through me.  It was like my room but different. The colors brighter, the lighting fixtures somehow futuristic seeming, the blinds over the window fashionable and billowing in the sweet smelling breeze of the trees directly outside my window where a dumpster usually rested.  We really were somewhere else.

“Now do you believe me?”

“But, how?”

She kisses me sweetly.  “Do you really want me to explain all that now?  Wouldn’t you rather meet Jade?”

The body at the other side of me stirs, hands caressing my back and ass, running around to my dick which is all too happy to introduce itself.  I groan; her touch is so similar to Lis’ that it boggles my mind. 

Lis smiles to watch me being stroked until my eyes roll into my head.  When she leans forward, hands on my chest, I think we’ll kiss, instead she rests her breasts in my face to kiss this other woman, her pink haired doppelganger.  They sigh and moan into one another’s mouths and it’s bizarrely like watching Lis make out with a mirror, they really are twin images.

It’s in this moment flanked by girl flesh, breasts pressed into both sides of my body, watching my lover kiss another version of herself, that I know I’m a goner.  I’ll handle whatever situation I’ve stumbled into later. Right now I want to explore these women.  The lust is consuming me so that I can’t think of anything else.

My hands reach out to touch identical breasts, one my lover’s, the other her twin’s.  They moan, breaking the kiss to each begin kissing along my neck, using their collective strength to push me into the bed. I don’t resist, reclining into their decadent ministrations.

One mouth licks at my nipples as the other travels lower.  This much sensation has me nearly dizzy so I close my eyes to the experience, trying to guess who is doing what.  That is until I feel a hand snake up my chest and around my neck, grasping just tight enough to get my attention and my blood racing. 

It’s Lis. “Hi sexy,” she says, her other, crawling lasciviously down my body to kneel between my legs. 

“Hi,” I just barely manage as she tongues my mouth, kissing me until I can’t breathe around her grip on my neck.  Just then I feel a mouth wrap around the head of my dick, playfully flickering a tongue and hot breath on my shaft before diving the length of me only stopping when I touch the back of her throat.

My body arches at the pure bliss of this just as Lis releases me and follows the same path down my body.  Pink hair tickles my torso as this girl bobs on my cock, Lis watching until she can’t contain herself anymore.  Lis crawls behind her, holding back a fistful of pink hair and affording me a clearer view of my erection disappearing between her lips.  Her other hand delves between the legs of this woman, causing her to sigh sharply and release my cock with a pop.

She looks up at me and says between moans, “We haven’t been properly introduced but I’m Jade.”

“Nice to…”  I try to return the introduction but her mouth is on me again, taking me in deeply.  Groaning I reach for Jade’s face, gently guiding her bobbing head to help her to keep me on edge, holding her momentarily still when the novelty of the experience threatens to force me over.  I don’t want this to end so quickly, not any time soon.

Lis is busy fingering Jade while watching me, I’ve never seen her so happy.  Kneeling between her legs Lis will occasionally hump Jade and I know she’s wishing she had a cock to fuck her with.  Meanwhile Jade also holds eye contact with me while slurping at my dick.  How did I get so lucky?

Everything stops for a moment while the ladies whisper and giggle conspiratorially until it turns into another kiss, their hands on each other and wandering onto me as well.  Soon they tip themselves in my direction both leaning over me so that we’re a tangle of exploring hands and mouths.  They’re both wet and eager; my fingers feel at them both, eliciting moans and squeals. 

It’s difficult to tell who is who, who touches who.  So it takes me a moment to notice that I’m being straddled, my cock teasing at the cunt of one of them.  I look up to see that it’s Jade, slowly lowering herself onto me.  Lis kisses me passionately and it’s pleasantly strange to be inside one person while kissing the other; I wouldn’t have it any other way.