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The Worst Break Up/Best Way to Find a Bestie

I've been busy editing a strange bit of erotica written in Noir style to submit to an erotica anthology (which led me down a bizarre road of researching the slang for genitalia in the 1940's which are not sexy, let me tell you...pea-shooter and cunny hollow will not be making appearance in any stories of mine in the future) so my blogging has fallen behind this week. The good news is an essay of mine went live over at xojane! 

It's the story of how the worst period of my life took a strange and wonderful turn that ended in me finding a friend who has changed my life.  So please go give it a read. I'm super excited about my first main stream non-erotica piece being out in the world.  Erotica is my favorite thing to write but in the name of not getting pigeon holed in one genre, I'm taking more time to get serious about publishing some essays. So look out world.

Please enjoy this photo of Mo and I the day I tied us up in the erotica section of Powell's books for my Diary of a Rope Slut IndieGoGo shenanigans.  Xojane decided it was too out there for their readers.  Scandal! I think we look regular style adorable, but that's just me.