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"Diary of a Rope Fiend" IndieGoGo Campaign

I’m Emily Bingham and I just finished my first book.  I also really like to tie things up.  Which is why I wrote an erotic memoir, documenting my adventures in rope bondage tentatively called “Diary of a Rope Fiend.”

In order to make my dream into a physical book, I need your help!  The lovely folks at Thorntree Press who specialize in books on alternate lifestyles, are handling the technical stuff like editing but as a small press we’re crowdfunding to create the funds to do a print run, do publicity, pay for copy editing, and cover design, have book signings: all the things that come along with getting a book out into the world. 

Franklin and Eve, the master minds behind Thorntree successfully used this method to fund their amazing guide on polyamory, More Than Two.  As well as the memoirs, The GameChanger and The Husband Swap. I think “Diary of a Rope Fiend” would be a great addition to their catalog.

This is where you come in to make this all happen! 

Check out my IndieGoGo campaign to find out more about my book and the amazing perks I'm offering.