Feeling Rope Curious?

Let me show you how to tie up your lover!

I teach private and group lessons within the Portland, Oregon area.  My rates are reasonable and I'm happy to offer a sliding scale or barter if you have a (non-sexual) skill you'd like to trade for rope instruction...it doesn't hurt to ask!

Send me a message to inquire about rates (a 101 class starts at $60 an hour, plus venue rental/travel if I come to you) and let me know what topic you're interested in and I would love to set up a private lesson with you.  Or keep an eye out on my events page to see when I'm teaching a group class (usually once a month.)

Past class topics include:

* Basics of rope for sex

* Rope 101

*Self bondage and suspension

*Stretching for rope

*Rope for less than bendy bodies

*Ties for male and/or larger bodies


If there's something else you'd like to learn, let me know.  I've been tying and being tied for over 10 years.  I've taken intensives from instructors from FredRx to Amy Morgan.  So if you're curious about a topic there's a good chance I can show you those particular ropes.


Additional Resources

Where to learn rope:

Or if you're more of a stay at home and learn from a book or video type, no worries; check out this long list of learning resources.  It includes a variety of books and YouTube videos, as well as classes and parties to investigate if you're in the Portland Oregon area.

Where to buy rope:

A long list of rope sellers for when you're ready to buy some of your own.  Includes various fibers and price comparison for ease of locating rope in your price range and favorite material.