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Adventures in Housesitting: Part 2--Rope Journaling 10-4

Scene: Lazy afternoon in house I’m sitting  for a couple weeks.

Him via text:  “I’m gaming today but will probably be free around 5. Not sure if you had any specific plans for today.”

Me via text:  “I had thoughts...If you’re feeling naughty you should grab a snack after nerding and tell me about when you’ll get to the house. After I’m done playing with you I’ll cook you dinner.”  No response for a bit so I add.  “Or if you just want a nice normal evening you should tell me where to meet you for dinner.”

Him via text: “I’m very intrigued by this offer.  Anything else I should bring?”

Me via text: “Your perfect butt.  I’ll give you more instructions when you let me know you’re on your way over. Oh and hey...enjoy gaming ;)”

Him via text:”Oh I will!”

I spend the next couple hours setting the scene. Laying out ropes.  Putting some visually interesting items like condoms, clothes pins and the rope I use to bind his cock on a side table.  I put down a blanket and pillow for him in kneel on.  I get out the corset and slutty shoes he doesn’t know he picked out for me earlier in the week when I asked him vaguely in a text “purple or black? It will be important later this week.”  I finely tune a playlist of background music.  

Then I try to relax: I vibrate myself half way to an orgasm until it’s 6 and I’m getting antsy. So I put on the corset and shoes and send him some visual motivation in the form of a picture a lot like this...


Me via text: “In case you need motivation.  This is waiting for you.”

Him via text:  “You do know how to properly motivate a man.  I should be 10-15 minutes.”

Me via text: “Good!  When you get here the door will be unlocked. Come in.  Lock the door.  Undress.  Kneel on the blanket on the floor, naked, facing the front door. I’ll join you shortly.”

I hide myself upstairs and wait wondering if he’ll get the text or follow the directions.  

He knocks on the door and I wait, willing him to look at his phone.  Timidly the door opens and closes.  There’s silence as I try not move on the top of the squeaky steps I’m perched on while listening for clues. I curse the music I turned on so he can’t hear me which means I also can’t hear him.  

Soon I hear his bag dropped, his pants hit the floor and eventually there’s silence.  I know I should make him wait and wonder for a while but I’m too impatient.  I walk down the impossibly loud stairs and see his cute naked butt where he kneels looking delicious and vulnerable at the bottom of them having following my instructions perfectly.

Me: standing behind him looking “Someone looks sexy.”

His whole body tenses while I clumsily tie a blindfold over his eyes wondering why I'm nervous. I kiss down his neck. Lick at his ears and shoulders, watching him sway under the sensations and sighing happily each time I touch him in a new way. When I grab his arms to the small of his back to start a box tie he falls against me, a gesture so sexy and sweet something inside me goes swimmy.

Once his sneaky hands are bound I pull him right against my corseted chest and run my hands over his, tickling until I decide to grab a nipple just to hear his intake of breath.  He squirms against me and it takes all my self control to finish tying him up before playing with him.  Which I eventually do, hands and mouth all over him while whispering him sweet nothings.

Me: “Don’t go anywhere.”

I walk a way to grab a snack.

Me: “Since you’ve been so good, here’s dessert before dinner.”

I feed him strawberries from my lips. I sip on a good whiskey and kiss him so he can get the taste.  I finger myself and enjoy his frustration at not being able to see or feel me and paint his lip with my wetness when I’m finished.  Kissing him to taste me on this lips.

His legs look tired so I sit him in a chair, taking off the blindfold so he can watch me pleasure myself while he’s still incapacitated. But the floor is hard and so is he so I get impatient that untie him.  And as these things go it isn’t long before he’s tossing me around until I don’t know or care who’s in charge.  

It’s delightful and hedonistic.  Only the sort of random lustful canoodling one can get into with a whole house at their disposal and no roommates.  Eventually I get too hungry to be distracted by his meat and require dinner meat, followed by hot tub cuddles, followed by more sexy shenanigans.

No neighbors interrupt us to deliver beverages.