The Diary of a Rope Fiend Mix Tape: Part 1!

Music played a huge roll in this creation of this book.  Many of the people in its pages are strongly attached in my memory to a certain song.  Other chapters were written while listening to a song over and over for hours.  So here's a little behind the scenes look at the making of Diary of a Rope Fiend in musical form. 

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Eddy Grant--Electric Avenue

This was my favorite song as a kid; playing it over and over on a loop until my parents were crossing their fingers my tape player would break.  Before I understood the dark message behind the catchy beat, I would put on fashion shows with the neighborhood kids to this song.

Ani Difranco--Loom

This album got me through college, my angsy years of sexual exploration complete with a series of poor relationship choices.  The high light being Mr Chapter 1, the married man I fell in love with.

The Red Elvises--Gypsy Heart

My college roommate, Mr Chapter 2 and I, fell under the spell of the same woman after they tied me up together.  When she was toying with our emotions we would console one another by singing this song to one another.

John Cameron Mitchell--Sugar Daddy

Hedwig and Mr Chapter 3 both have a delightful German accent.   Both characters have also been huge influences in my life since we first became acquainted so its no wonder the movie soundtrack always reminds me of Mr Chapter 3.

The Kinks--Tired of Waiting for You

I was always waiting for Mr Chapter 4: for him to get ready to go out to dinner, for him to get a clue, for him to tie me up.  Then at the end of our tumultuous relationship I couldn’t wait for him to leave.

Nine Inch Nails--Only

Mr Chapter 5 takes me to a kink club where the only things I heard that entire evening were screams of pleasure/pain and an endless loop of NIN songs.

Gotan Project--Vuelvo al Sur

In addition to being a rope expert, Mr Chapter 6 is a dancer.  This sultry tango music was the sort he would use in the background to a rope scene and to his combination dance/rope stage performance..

Josh Ritter--Wolves

This bittersweet song reminds me of my long time love, Mr Chapter 7 who is my live in partner in crime throughout my memoir.  Though he didn’t understand my obsession with rope he was always supportive of it, proving that opposites can attract.

Johnny Cash--One Piece at a Time

Mr Chapter 8 is an epic story teller, weaving epic tales of his undertakings in small town Wisconsin. Stories so strange they’re true but hard to believe, kind of like this song. He’s also the person to truly ignite my passion for rope bondage, giving me the courage to seek it out and be myself.    

Elvis Presley--Suspicious Minds

This is Mr Chapter 9’s favorite song and the one he writes on me one afternoon when he ties me up in a playful scene I’ll never forget.

Jack Black--Let's Get it On

It's all about the bedroom in this chapter.  Mr Chapter 10 and I had a very brief but memorable tryst but he probably doesn't even know this song because he's such a youngster so I chose an updated cover version.

Shiny Toy Guns--Le Disko

My acquaintance with Ms Chapter 11 began in a club where this is the sort of music that would be blaring in the background while I stood in awe of her tying herself up.

Lissie--Bad Romance

The rope with Mr Chapter 12 was amazing but everything else was a mess.  The sort of almost love affair that seems impossible to end.  He also put this song on a mix tape for me once upon a time.

Josh Clayton-Felt--Paint the Tree Green

This serene, almost dreamlike song reminds me of standing in the forest where Mr Chapter 13 tied me up, surrounded by trees, including the one that had fallen over a waterfall that I would be suspended from.

Turning Japanese--Liz Phair

Mr Chapter 14 is a serious practitioner of gorgeous and very complicated Asian inspired rope.  He would become the center of my rope exploration and treasured partner in photo expeditions in Portland.


During the ropey and artist photo shoots I did with Mr Chapter 15, he always had the best music playing in the background to set the scene.  His great taste in rope ties, music and movies never ceases to amaze.

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